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About the book

Searching for ways of Goal Management to lead a successful life? Waiting for some right moment and right source to give you direction?

This is the right place you are landed on. 

  • Accomplishing those tough seeming goals,
  • Managing the unattended loopholes in your planning,
  • Taking a rebound towards growth & success, & much more.

Thinking about the right moment? It’s now or never. Cease the opportunity.

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  • Six Chapters Six Days.
  • Simplified version of assistance at your personal mails.
  • And it’s available for FREE.


I really enjoyed reading this book. Firstly I was so amazed with the concept that I will receive one chapter at a time. 6 days 6 chapters, great idea and the chapters are so precisely written it is definitely an art to communicate effectively with right words. Perfectly articulated and wherever the writer express her personal things, it is very relatable. Also we remember the things when the write-up has an emotional peak (our brains are wired that way). Every writer has their own way of thinking. It gave me another new perspective. Hoping to read more from the Author. Congratulations on your first book release. P.S. It is a brilliant book
Ratika Singh
Reader, Writer
Kirti Belbase, Reader

People are getting help with this e-book. It is helping people to get daily dosage of motivation by its daily chapters. The organised manner has made it easier for people to read and at the same time, apply the techniques for their respective Goals.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Get your copy.

I'm really impressed with the work. The problem statement with appropriate solution seems practical. I think this book is definitely going to help people and the way of delivery is just perfect, one chapter a day, not so small not so big.
Soumya Bharadwaj
The book contain lots of thing with which I co-relate. The content are beautifully placed in an organised manner. Sometimes it even gives you goosebumps.
Vishal Saluja
Freelance Writer

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