Privacy Policy

This policy describes the scope of security of your personal data with us, how we get it and how it is used. By our website we mean

We believe in the vitality of your privacy. Your personal information is used for the purpose of our website and is not shared with anyone.

We use your personal information for intimating about blogs posted on our website, sending you updates regarding any other written content periodically or for updating you about any material change.

We would not share your information with any unauthorized person/website unless and until you agree to.

Our website and the third parties which provide us with their services use cookies.  You may also be prompted for permission for cookies, agreeing to which is solely your decision. This may be asked for ads or promotions of our website or the third parties.

Cookies are just a way to make your browsing easier by saving your choices. At our end, they help us to provide you services smoothly.

We receive your information through the email addresses you leave with us or when you connect us through social media.  However, you can unsubscribe whenever you want by contacting us on the details mentioned in the end.

It is deemed that you agree to our privacy policy if you keep visiting our website or subscribe to us. For any query regarding the policy, you can contact us.

In case you notice anything inappropriate, please inform us through the contact details provided below.

If there is any change in the policy, the same would be updated on the website or informed you through your email addresses with us.

Your privacy is our concern too.

Also, read the disclaimer.

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