Hello readers,

I am Sonali Sharma and was born in Bhopal. I am 25 years old (in 2018). I am a CA student and had cleared its entrance and intermediate levels in 2012. I have done my articleship from Nagpur (its kind of training for 3 years under a CA). I lately discovered my interest in writing and hence started working for it.

The Writer’s Story

Since childhood, the thought of becoming a writer had never surfaced in my brain. Neither did I fought any situation to accomplish this desire. I always feel God has blessed us with ample amount of energy. We just need to realize how to use it in a right direction.

One of my strengths was writing and I was unaware about this until a friend, actually my best friend, asked me to take Writing on a professional journey.

I was fighting with depression and writing short stories helped in letting my feelings flow through pen. It became a habit to write something whenever I felt really low.

Somewhere in my heart, I wanted to be an author for fictional works. But I had always prevented that feeling from escaping my subconscious mind. I wasn’t even honest to myself. My fear kept reminding me Sonali it’s just like a random teenager career thought. I was afraid to take risk. But higher the risk, higher is the return.

My story of becoming a writer is not a spicy one. It’s just a story with a common taste.  I wrote around twelve short stories for a website. I posted the first one in September 2017. Apart from this, I had written many poems and small articles and had posted them on different sites, which faded away by time from my achievements. Because they were just a flow of feelings for me.

I am a CA student and we are very well aware of failures. Still the continuous fall in my academic graph exhausted me. I was aware of my mistakes subconsciously but my depression didn’t allow me to work on it. We just think of depression like insomnia, suicidal desires, etc. but its much more in daily life.

You don’t want to meet anyone, you like rooms filled with darkness, you even forget to cry, you don’t want to leave the bed. You even forget to eat food and drink water sometimes. I never had insomnia, infact I used to sleep for hours unnecessarily. I lost my self esteem.

Depression is not because of one reason. Its a combination of several feelings and thoughts buried deep inside someone right from their birth. I am still healing.

This has wasted my two years. I was continuously failing in my exams and I wanted to give up on CA. But then I read the Alchemist and my suppressed desire of becoming a writer enlightened. So I took up a course by Nakul Grover and started working on my writing skills.

I struggled in reading books, writing even 200 words a day, building up knowledge, building up confidence, regaining the self esteem and much more. There were problems in my writing skills. It was really hard to force myself out of my comfort zone and put my efforts and energy in right direction. I improved by time. As you should always measure improvement by the growth you have attained from your earlier position. There is always a chance of improvement.

I was unable to keep myself motivated for writing. So I found some ways. I try to spend some time in solitude listening to music. Or else, I spend time in nature to let my brain cleanse itself and think peacefully. This is how I am trying to grow daily as a writer.

My life apart from writing

I have learnt classical singing for six years. After a long break I have started again with learning Light Music. Apart from this I practice yoga and would love to learn more. I love dancing too.

Academically, taxation and accounting are the areas of my interest.

I aim to write fictional novels in future. And will continue publishing short stories. You can also check out my work on my website.

If you want me to write about something you can reach me at [email protected]