When I Sat Down on the Sand


On the cool sand, I sat down relaxed.
Its roughness caressed my pain.
There, the breeze from the sea,
Touched me; fresh and chilled.
The wounds were just enfolded.
The sensation suddenly disappeared,
When I sat down on the cool sand.

Calming down my inner rage;
Turmoil of regrets, guilt and the outside cage.
Shattering, building; Building, shattering;
Tonnes of feelings & emotions swayed.
Outside it seemed all composed,
Inside its waiting to thrash the loads.
That intense mess, I survived;
When I sat down on the cool sand in night.

Shush, Shush! Breathe Deep.
I told myself the thousandth time.
Shush, Shush! See the dark & the beam of light,
At the end of the sea, when you close the eyes.
The water, the breeze, the cool within;
Catch the dreams shining, where ends your sight.
Feel every moment, every minute, all the time.
Hey, Listen! It’s just alright.

Relaxed, poised, calm it felt.
I cried, I cried, till the dawn came.
Holding the emotions is a strain,
‘Let it go’ is all I could say.

Beholding the scattering rays,
I finally enjoyed warmer sand.


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