Oops! I’m an Introvert


The moment we listen to or read the word ‘Introvert’, we may imagine a nerd or a person sitting alone in a corner during a social event or a gathering. An introvert has been conventionally characterized by the way others see him. Talking about myself, I don’t even fall into the trending category of an […]

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A Balanced Life with Yoga-2


We discussed the benefits of Yoga in my last blog post. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a little about meditation, my own experience with meditation and how to form a routine for Yoga. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the […]

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A Balanced Life with Yoga – 1


I had always loved Yoga and have remained a huge follower. Although, even after knowing how much necessary Yoga has been for me, my laziness never allowed making it a mandatory part of my routine. My father taught me some basic asanas and pranayams when I was a kid. Since then I started developing a […]

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7 Simple Ways to Overcome Anger

how-to-stop-being-angry, overcome-anger

Our mind is a bucket of feelings. I have tried to hush down myself thousands of times. And my anger would always outdo the feeling of being at peace. I have been the most peaceful kid over many years of my life. But as years passed, I became the angriest soul in my family. I thought I had inherited this. However, […]

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10 Benefits of A Positive Attitude


A year ago I wrote my first short fictional story. I was afraid to post it publicly for I thought no one would like it. A few of my friends loved it. A positive attitude towards myself would have taken less time for self-realization. We have a habit of Assuming. This shows lack of belief […]

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