10 Benefits of A Positive Attitude


A year ago I wrote my first short fictional story. I was afraid to post it publicly for I thought no one would like it. A few of my friends loved it. A positive attitude towards myself would have taken less time for self-realization.

We have a habit of Assuming. This shows lack of belief in our potential.

The thoughts generated in your mind can either lead you to success or push you far away from it. That’s the power of thinking. Then why not consider the positive aspect?

During my confrontation with other students of my field, I observed plenty of knowledge but lack of positive attitude. Trusting our capabilities and presenting them with assertions, makes us stand out from others.

The one with a positive attitude shines from a distance.

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas Edison

Our brain is a powerful gift of nature. It has the ability to ponder. Choice is ours either to make it positive or surrender it to the negativity.

A few months back I did a part-time job. The employer kept me because I needed financial assistance. My negative attitude gave him a mindset of my incapability. I started working, and within a few days, he realised my strengths. I was just lucky.  I got a lesson about how a negative attitude can refrain you from opportunities.

We develop attitude, we develop an attractive personality.

Here are ten benefits of having a Positive Attitude.

A Step to success

The moment we illuminate Attitude inside, half of the work is done.  It gives the foundation for our efforts and hard work.

It’s like fuel to a machine. This cuts out stage of impeding brain by reminding it with non-affirmative thoughts.

An attitude determines our vision. Although developing a positive attitude is not easy, but it’s worth it in every sphere of life. It may take time.

Slow and steady wins the race.

We become what we think

What we think makes us work accordingly. If we think about what we are good at, we start using our strengths in the right direction. Similarly, when we assume we can’t, we can’t.

Realise what you are and start working immediately.

This surely indicates building strength you actually possess and not consider your weaknesses as strengths. Shiv Khera says in one of his books, “Looking for the positive does not mean overlooking faults.”

Life’s battles don’t always go

To the stronger and faster man,

But sooner or later the man who wins,

is the man who thinks he can.

– Excerpt from the poem “If you think” by Walter D Wintle

Failing forward

“Success isn’t how far we came, but it’s how many times we bounced back after falling.” Failures are part of success. A winner learns from his mistakes and gives it a fresh start.

Life doesn’t serve success on our plate, it demands our sweat. We sweat when we are determined, and we are determined when we trust ourselves. Positive attitude endows you with that trust.

We have heard the story of ant which keeps falling from a wall but still never gives up until it reaches the top.

And apparently, we have heard these glorious names- Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln and many more. These names failed many times but never gave up.

Building Bridges

There is no success story without obstacles. We see the crops and the not the months full of uncertainties, a farmer invests in the seeds.

An attitude gives you the courage to overcome threats. A successful person never complains, “Why me?”, instead, he pulls out positivity from such circumstances.

Attitude helps us to build bridges over the dangers and walk on them to reach the destination.

Encashing Opportunities

”May your choices reflect hopes, not your fears,” said Nelson Mandela

A person with a positive attitude can recognise the opportunities and encash them. It’s all about the right choices at the right time.

Lack of focus is also an obstacle. A positive attitude is an inner strength which won’t trade your goals for anything disrupting your focus.

Use your strength and extract everything you can from opportunities.

Standing out from the crowd

The one with attitude is easy to catch in a crowd.

Out of many, few achieve success because only a few have a positive attitude. This makes them unique.

Those who have a negative attitude seek attention, but those with positive attitude automatically get attention. They are modest and accepted everywhere. They build better relationships personally, professionally and socially.

Spreading positivity

We all know that we and our surroundings influence each other. In an organisation, if an employer is impolite to his employees, the employees behave in the same manner. People try to drain out their frustration on others and so the cycle continues.

Let us take it the other way round. If at any stage during this drain out procedure, we pay no heed to the flow and move ahead with courteousness, the chain further starts spreading positively.

People with positive attitude disperse gracious vibes in their surroundings.

Focusing on material things

Optimists are not bothered with miniature and focus on material things. The immateriality cannot distract them from their paths. They work with mindfulness. They do not waste their efforts and time for things needed to be neglected.

An affirmative behaviour makes us cling to our goals. A dubious personality wastes its hard work on insignificant things.

Drive towards Wisdom

An explicit approach broadens our brainwave. This way a positive attitude works towards wisdom.

Success is confused with materialism, but to winners, it has different parameters. Success is progressive. Attaining wisdom is attaining a satisfactory level of success.

Data, information, knowledge and wisdom, are at different levels of education.

Optimists work with an understanding. They use their thinking abilities and make judgements.

Loving solitude

If we are positive inside, we will be able to love our own company. There is a difference between solitude and loneliness.

The bottom line is optimism makes you practice solitude. Moreover, solitude has its benefits. We can revive ourselves. We give space to our minds to contemplate and are able to find answers to life.

An attitude is a primary key to success.

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  1. Lovely work Sonali!!! With positive attitude I guess having this feeling of gratitude and gratefulness in one for whatever we have permits us to move forward! Not focusing on others’ shortcoming and rather getting inspired by everyone makes you inspirational as you only focus on things that matter. Keep up the good work my friend!! 🙂

    1. thankyou so much Raman for reading my work.
      And yes I do agree with you. Inspiration is everywhere, we just need to shift our focus from negativity towards positive inspirational sources. This is possible if we develop the attitude of gratitude.. 🙂
      thanks for this motivating comment.

  2. A perfect bunch of positivity the one should possess to nail the success. Superb job sonali and waiting for many more to come.

  3. Lovely sonali….surprised to read all this written by u..did not u r a writer…very gud wrk.all the best dear n keep rocking!!!

  4. Superb dii..its just awesome.!liked it alot😍❤u r doing a very fantastic job👌All the very best for ur next blog 👍👍 keep going ahead..

  5. Babe.. It seems like I don’t know u..😂😁
    Jokes apart.. U r really good in ur sayings..
    Especially ur observation towards life n small things wch v hardly care off..
    Hope I can apply the same n changes might appear

    1. there is a lot in you which I need to learn. you may say I have observed u too (keenly).. hehe.. thankyou.. 🙂

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