Hard Work And Success In Life Is Just Above Being Average


Some years back, I hardly knew anything more than being average. You could do different things but your mediocrity shows up everywhere.

Imagine a situation, where you are the topper of your class, but you stand nowhere in competitive exams. Or a situation, where you could sing far better than your classmates, but you are not good enough to compete in a singing competition.

These are the signs of being average.

It isn’t that I didn’t have the potential to surpass others in a crowd and make a mark. But I lacked hard work. My eyes had dreams but not passion. Dreaming is good to have a clear vision but hard work is the key to make a dream reality.

Why only 8% of people succeed as per studies? Everyone has heard the quote, “Hard work is the key to success.” Some of them have just heard it and not practiced it. They either fail or stay in the average category.

Every successful person is an average person who has worked hard. There is no success story without hard work. Just a step of hard work can turn our mediocrity into success.

Steve Jobs once said that every morning he looks in the mirror and asks himself, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today”.

If it were my last day, I would make it extraordinary. And to do something extraordinary we just need to walk an extra mile. Sometimes, we need to push ourselves to do things, we ought to do.

Importance of hard work

Hard work is the key to success. Success needs many ingredients, but none is the substitution of hard work. My mother keeps telling me, “The moment you stop loving your sleep, you’ll come close to success.”

What keeps you away from success? It’s the love of your comfort zone. We don’t want to work hard because we don’t want to give up on our comforts.

Every defending opinion of yours is just another excuse. No one asks you “Why you failed?” In fact they keep reminding you that you failed.

Why an average person becomes a failure in near future? Why an average person is unable to survive much? The answer is simple. He doesn’t know that hard work is a crucial element of success.

There is no one to deny that hard work and success stories walk together. No one is lucky enough to attain the heights of success without working hard.

Then obviously working hard in the right direction is very important.

We have twenty-four hours in a day and so does Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook. The difference lies in the usage of these hours.

All success stories are the proof why hard work is important.

Hard work for passion

There are many people, books, articles, etc. on doing what your heart desires. But is it enough just to desire something?

Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, etc. are the leading names in our Bollywood Industry. They saw a dream, desired to fulfill it, and became passionate about it.

And to my surprise, each one of them mentioned about The Secret or The Law of Attraction in different interviews. But did they just dream about it?

Every one is acquainted with Shahrukh’s struggle from Circus to Bollywood.

Deepika Padukone during a shoot of her song from Ram-Leela was suffering from back pain. Her feet were swollen too. Still, she elegantly performed the Gujarati dance steps by covering her feet with the bandage.

Ranveer Singh knew very well that he may be rejected because of her looks, so he showed his brilliance in acting. His looks couldn’t overshadow his hard work and success.

Having a dream is not enough. You really need to work hard. The day you decide to quit may bring regret to you.

I could have given my 100 percent,
I could have worked hard,
I could have left my short-term comfort for the long-term satisfaction.
Such thoughts are the seeds for regret.

Result of Hard Work

There are different kinds of people seeking the results of hard work;

  • The ones who exclaim ‘I worked hard but didn’t get the result’. These are the people who may have worked hard, but not in the right direction. There may be something wrong with their strategies.
    They need to find out their mistakes and work on them.
  • Those who play the blame game. These are the ones who blame examiner for fewer marks, who blame luck for their failure and so on.
    Everything starts with us. We need to search inside, what we are lacking in. the more we play the blame game, the more we distant ourselves from focus.
  • Those who don’t bother to work hard for anything. This used to be my category. I kept postponing my success with every coming opportunity until I realized that I am leading myself to self-destruction.
    Self- realization is really crucial. And for this, you need to keep an eye on your progress always.

In the end, you may fail, but it’s always better to lose rather than quit.

The success stories around us are the instances of best results because of hard work. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is the best example one could ask for a success story. His struggle through poverty never stopped him from working hard.

Hard work is the basic key and a crucial step towards success.

That little effort for success

While writing this I almost gave up and thought of postponing this to next day. What if I really had given up on this blog?

When we really love something, we put all efforts into it. However, sometimes we attract procrastination. This is when we need to push ourselves even if we don’t want to.

All we need is that little effort to overcome our identity of being an average. Hard work includes that extra push when we are tired or when we have lost hope.

I saw a picture on the internet once, which made a great impression on my mind. A man was digging a tunnel. Just a few feet away from the point he gave up, was the diamond he was digging for.

The regret of not giving full efforts remains intact in our mind for the lifetime. Many opportunities may be waiting for us in the future. But what if, the one where we didn’t push ourselves could have given the best fruits.

There is no short-cut for success. Hard work is the key element for success and is irreplaceable. It is just above being average. The only thing we need is a little push.

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